My name is Chad Jameson, and I am honored to have been selected to serve as your TWUA president for the upcoming year. I’ve been associated with TWUA at the North central Texas regional school and the Metrocrest district, and at the state level since 1999. I’ve served as a volunteer and chair of the North Central Texas Regional school, and began my association at the state level as a student and volunteer as well.

I began my career in the water industry as many of you have. I started as a maintenance worker, digging by hand, fixing leaks, and backfilling the holes. I attended some training classes, became an operator, and started using backhoes to dig the holes a little bigger. I attended more TWUA training classes and added certifications to become a bacteriological sampler, then a customer service inspector. With a little more training, I became a certified instructor. With each training opportunity, I learned a little more about the industry, and expanded my opportunities. I am a certified instructor with TCEQ and I hold four licenses. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for TWUA and continuing my education and licenses. In encourage every one of you to never settle for the minimum license. Keep striving for that A. Become part of that elite club. I am a strong supporter of TWUA and the instructors that help make us the best training provider in Texas.

I look forward to spending the next year meeting with the regions and sharing with them all the excitement of the 2018 Annual school, where we will celebrate our 100th year of providing training in Texas. I hope to see many of you in Corpus Christi next year. If you are part of the decision making team, we hope you’ll consider joining us for this extraordinary event.

If you are new to TWUA I welcome you to this great organization. If you are a long-time member, I thank you for your support. Treating the water and wastewater for human consumption is not an easy task, and we thank all the water professionals that make that happen on a daily basis.


Chad Jameson,
TWUA President